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Measures carried out to keep the premises clean

We stick to the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the central Italian Government and the Government of the Region of Liguria.

  • How the cleaning is carried out
    • Phase 1: Thorough cleaning of the entire premises
    • Phase 2: Disinfection of the entire premises with a manual and mechanic atomiser of all vertical and horizontal surfaces including furniture and tissues that have been cleaned beforehand
    • Phase 3: Further thorough cleaning if necessary, of the surfaces and removal of possible residues with disposable towels
  • Cleaning products used
    • Disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite (0,1% - bleaching agent chlorine bleach)
    • Ethanol (70% ethylic alcohol)

Here are the measures taken so far:

  • complete disinfection under medical guidelines of the whole building
  • cleaning of the filters of the air conditioning and the extractor hoods in the bathrooms
  • introduction of a self-check-in with possibility to disinfect hands and a plexiglass screen
  • improvement of the possibilities to disinfect until further notice from the higher authorities (local and regional health department)

Periodic checks and operations performed

  • corridor and stairs

  • conditioner filters

  • bathroom vacuum cleaners

  • sanitation, kitchen and fridge

  • flat disinfection

  • building disinfection

  • water drains and loads

  • Our doctor

  • supermarket shopping delivery (free)

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